Monday, August 23, 2010

A touch of class

There are blogs and there are blogs ... and then there's The Sassy Bride.

The name is enough to make you smile - but that's really just the beginning. You mosey on over there and you never want to leave.

Talk about inspiration couched in the most stylish way imaginable!

Allow me to introduce Larissa Turner of Oklahoma. That is, on the off-chance that you don't already know of her.

She describes herself as a July 2009 bride who couldn't shake the wedding bug.

And looking at these details from her wedding, who can blame her!?!

I discovered Larissa's blog through BridalTweet. She'd only been blogging for about a month at that point, but it was clear to me at once that this blog was going to go places.

It has just the right blend of contemporary and vintage, it's appealing on every level you can possibly think of (and don't get me started about the awesome music that's always playing on there), and there's something eye-catching every time.

Larissa featured a Connecticut wedding (I am entitled to a bit of bias) and I was delighted.

But then she put Jeni Rone of Sea Star Arts on my radar ... and I became a diehard fan.

So a big SMOOCH is coming your way for that, Larissa.

Thank you!

Back to The Sassy Bride, however.

Larissa's vision for the blog is as follows -

The Sassy Bride is a style-inspired wedding blog for anyone and everyone. Our goal is to cover uniquely chic and stunning weddings, to feature a high caliber list of wedding vendors that we hand select due to their outstanding reputation and service, and most importantly to keep our brides up- to- date on the latest wedding trends. Our list of vendors will be made up of people we would trust with our own weddings; experts in the invitation, floral, photography, and fashion industries. We will continually strive to find new, exciting, and fresh ideas in hopes of making your wedding planning process a little easier.

And boy does she deliver!

Any Sassy Bride day is worth dropping in for, but Friday is the day Larissa shares her Fab Finds. She scours the internet, finds the best of the best of everything, and puts it all out there for people to enjoy and be inspired by.

From gorgeous birdcage veils (by Unveiled Bridal Designs) to fabulous pumps by Christian Louboutin (photo from Luxury-Insider).

And everything inbetween.

Lots of fun stuff .. like these Save the Date balloons from For Print Only.
Date and location show up when the balloon is inflated:)

I could go on and on about what a wonderful job Larissa does - but I think you may need to go and find out for yourselves.

Put a bit of sass in your daily read .. and into your wedding.

You'll be glad you did!

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  1. OMG...this looks great Lili!!! Thank you so much for the kindest feature ever!! You are a doll & I really appreciate the opportunity to be on your sweet blog! I put up the giveaway & I am going to choose 1 winner at the end of the week for your GORGEOUS necklace! Again, thank you so are the best! :)



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