Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Connecticut Tuesdays: Candee Caldwell

Candee's love of make up began in her childhood.

She tells of countless days spent with her mother - who worked for Elizabeth Arden in Salt Lake City, UT - hearing the same message over and over.

The best make up in the world will do nothing for you if you don't take care of your skin.

When she ventured into the wedding industry eighteen years ago, she brought that pearl of wisdom with her.

Mary Kay provided her with the opportunity to educate women about the techniques of applying make up themselves, but as she grew her business she realized that she had a passion for actually applying make up herself. So she worked hard to further her education and get certified at her own expense; honing her special talents. Several times a year she takes workshops with internationally-renowned make up experts - and at least two of those are out of state. When I sat with her a few weeks ago, she had great stories to tell about a recent trip to Dallas Fort Worth where she learnt more about highlighting skin for special photography. She was also very excited about an upcoming workshop here in Connecticut about Makeup for Women of Color - led by an instructor who has worked with Essence Magazine NYC.

"Things evolve constantly in the wedding industry," Candee says. "Something that is in one year is out the next. New colors, bold accessories, birdcage veils and everything vintage. But through it all, brides keep asking for the natural look as far as their make up is concerned. And that's what I'm best at. Helping women discover how good they can look just being themselves. There are beautiful features in every woman - it's just a matter of identifying and highlighting them."

When I asked Candee how she goes about this, she smiled, and led me to the private part of her home office.

I had to laugh.

A director's chair!

And the symbolism is truly perfect - because it's the bride who directs operations. She is asked to leaf through a book full of different looks and pick the one she likes most.

From there on it becomes a partnership.

I could go on and on about Candee, but I think I'll end this feature by saying that what sets her apart (both as an industry professional and a human being) - is that she gets into the spirit of things and takes a personal interest in everyone who crosses her path.

And that's really what weddings should be all about - keeping it personal.

Until Candee's new website is up and running, you can reach either reach her through her Facebook page, or you can call her on:


Photo Credits:

Bride Trial / Wedding Day photo - Fischer Williams Photographic Studios
Brides Holding Flowers - Picture This Of CT
Candee Caldwell / Director's Chair - yours truly

Oh .. and by the way ... Candee is giving away a fabulous MK pedicure set to brides following this blog - so be sure to check back here on Friday and enter to win!

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