Monday, August 9, 2010

Inspirational Love

Today I've decided to share the story of Shane and Tracy. Mostly because of the kind of people they are.

You'll see what I mean as you read further.

Tracy was 28, recently divorced, and mother to a young child when she met Shane. She says with a chuckle, "had you told me a year ago that one Hardess biscuit, a scary movie and a broken thumb nail at the bowling alley would turn into the greatest love I've ever known ... I would have thought you were crazy."

It hasn't all been a bed of roses, though.

They face struggles like every other couple - and continue to face them on a daily basis.

But last March, a short while after Shane proposed and preparations were underway, they met a couple facing a life-threatening struggle.

Stage 4 cancer.

They realised immediately that they had a chance to make a difference.

Where it mattered.

So they put their own wedding plans on hold and began to pour themselves into the newly-married Italian couple who had nobody here except their mothers. They hung out, cooked, prayed with and for them, and encouraged them as best they could. Bonding with the couple in the process.

Sadly, Kenny's courageous battle with cancer ended in June. But as Shane says, "standing with them through chemo allowed us to see true love in its rarest form." To that Tracy adds, "they said they were blessed to meet us, but the blessing has really been in us meeting them."

The wedding will now be taking place on October 16th, 2010 - and we're thrilled to share that Tracy and Shane have agreed to share the wedding photos with us after the event.

We wish the best of everything to you both - and look forward to seeing you tie the knot!


  1. Thanks! It's a beautiful story, isn't it? Makes you wish there were more people like that.

  2. wishing Tracy and Shane all the best! A very inspring post indeed :)



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