Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Passage To India

When I embarked upon this blogging journey, one of the things I was sure I wanted to do was to look at the different ways marriage is celebrated.

I've always been fascinated by Indian culture - so I think I'll start there.

Over the course of the past few months I've had the pleasure of becoming better acquainted with a photographer by the name of Dinendra Haria. Based in London, Dinendra (who is originally from Gujarat, a state in the Western part of India) takes great pride in working with Hindu couples and capturing the essence of their bonding.

As Dinendra explains, there are several stages to a Hindu ceremony; the first one being Ganesh Puja, or Mandap Roopan.

This involves worship of Lord Ganesh - who dispels the darkness of ignorance and removes obstacles.

As the weeks unfold we'll be learning more about this and other aspects of Hindu tradition - through Dinendra's magnificent photos.

I must add, however, that Dinendra's scope reaches far beyond weddings. He does corporate and fashion work as well - and his work has graced such publications as the prestigious Perfect Asian Magazine.


  1. I too love the mystique of Indian weddings! Beautiful photos.

  2. Thanks, Carmen! I love the vibrant colours!



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