Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Inflatable Cheer

Balloons are full of magic.

Ask my four year old about them and that will be the first thing out of her mouth.

Ask my seven year old, and he'll quote Winnie the Pooh and tell you that "nobody can be uncheered with a balloon."

Give a child a balloon and he or she will drag it around the house long after it's stopped serving its purpose. I will say I love doing bridal shows, but dread the weeks that follow; because we are constantly tripping over the balloons that come to live with us (the balloons in the photo are a mere fraction of the number that lived with us for a few weeks in November of last year) and having to resort to making them disappear in the night.

Be that as it may, however, balloons are full of magic.

Colorful and beautiful in their simplicity, they are reminders of happy times. They are also, by nature of their shape, eye-catching. And that is more so today than ever - because there are so many ways to incorporate balloons into décor.

The wedding day is one of the most important days of our life - and we want that day to be memorable. But outfitting a reception hall can be a daunting prospect. Not to mention a costly one.

And that's where today's featured wedding professional comes in.

"You want something you'll remember," Cindy Greenfeld of Party Creations of Connecticut said to me when we talked on the phone a few weeks ago. "Something with personality. We can create décor at any price point. We want to be sure that our services are affordable for you. We are very aware of the challenges of balancing expenses with the need to celebrate joyous milestones. Depend on us to deliver a spectacular event within your budget."

Being a member of the Qualatex Balloon Network means that Cindy is a qualified balloon artist. Promoting the belief that balloons create atmosphere and communicate emotion in a uniquely effective way.

"And they do," she explained. "balloons can transform a room and make it almost a living thing. They can transform the ugliest room into an elegant one, and have become a very popoular way to decorate. Not only do they have the unique ability to fill large areas of space affordably, balloon designs can be downright stylish."

After working in the Pharmaceutical world for over twenty years, Cindy (who has a B.S. in design) went into business for herself. She specializes in creating unique custom balloon décor and deliveries for weddings and other milestone events - with support from her husband Eric and other family members as needed.

She's committed to bringing her clients the newest trends in balloon design by consistently attending educational classes - and by all accounts loves what she does.

"We work with with the highest quality balloons," she says. "They are biodegradable and decompose at the same rate as an oak leaf.

They are made of 100% latex from the bark of rubber trees - which is a natural substance - and can in the most wonderful colors. We also use foil balloons as needed."

Cindy can be reached through her website, or through Facebook. But, honestly, the best way to learn about her and her work is to call her up on 203.740.8233 and set up a consultation.

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