Friday, September 24, 2010

From Korea ... with love

It's that day of the week again - and today we're catching up with our Canadian bride and giving away something utterly fabulous.

Lori has been good enough to share her engagement story and a few details about her wedding with us - and rather than trying to write a post about it, I think I'll just her speak in her own voice.

We've been living in South Korea for the past year - and that is where we got engaged. 

To give you a little background, Valentines Day is celebrated in 2 parts in Korea. On February 14th, the girls buy for the guys (typically chocolate or cookies), and then a month later they celebrate White Day. White Day is for the girls, and is now officially my favourite day in the entire year.

That day started extremely early for me. 

At 6:30am Wayne flipped on the switch in our bedroom and walked out the front door. When I eventually rolled over in bed, I was faced with a brown piece of paper, a pen,  and a riddle that told me I would be travelling to the 3rd baseline. After stumbling around the apartment for a good 20 minutes, I finally made it downstairs and outside and realized that I had absolutely no idea what a baseline was. I will blame this on sleep deprivation and excitement because I have played baseball for most of my life ...but it literally took me 10 minutes of standing in the cold not moving to come to the realization that the clue was leading me to the ball diamond that we walk past at least twice every single day.

Once there I was met with another clue that took me back to our mailbox, then across the street again to some trees, and eventually back to the recycling area of our old apartment. Wayne & I had been watching season after season of Survivor for the past few months (10 seasons in less than 3 months) so we were obsessed. The challenges that he presented me with were sooo perfect - and totally Survivor. 

Then came the Bachelor part of the plan!

My next clue led me up to a path in the woods. After debating for awhile about which path to take (there were 3 and I wasn't completely certain where the clue was directing me) I chose the one on the right and started the trek. Eventually (not quickly enough) I found him. He was standing at the end, and I felt exactly how those girls must feel when they walk down that long path to get to the bachelor, except that I was fairly certain he wasn't going to be sending me home!!

A few weeks later we went to Seoul with a colleague (we teach English) who has a friend who is a professional jeweler to pick out a ring. I thought it would be a lot like Sweet Home Alabama and I would just be surrounded with sparkling jewels and have my pick.

Not completely the case.

It was a lot more back alley; with crowded stores, jam packed with jewelry of all kinds -  but we did chose a setting for the stone we had decided on.

We decided to go with an amethyst for a few reasons. 

Not on the bottom of the list is that is super, super pretty and purple. But on the more reasonable side, it's extremely expensive to buy diamonds in Korea and I would have had to walk around (and go backpacking) with it for many months.


Not practical ...and to be honest, I have never loved anything more than my ring. Wayne is set on replacing the stone with a diamond when we get home, but we will see.

It's pretty, it's unique, but most important .. it's totally me.

The next time we catch up with Lori we'll be hearing about the way she chose to ask her bridesmaids if they wanted to be in the bridal party, the reasons she chose her venue, and why she wants to be ....

But moving on ... congratulations Alison. The Aurora bracelet is yours. It will be en route as soon as I have a wrist size and address.

I have to say that today's giveaway is both special and fabulous.

Earlier in the week I wrote a feature on wedding illustrator Rosemary Fanti - and she is graciously offering one bride a portrait. 

Valued at $300.

You still need to be a bride to enter this contest, but this week there are additional rules.

* You must be getting married on or before November 30th 2011
   Please write your wedding date in your first comment.

* You can only enter if you are a follower of this blog. I will  
   check entries against the list of followers. If you are not yet a 
   follower, you have a whole week to become one - so this 
   is not an exclusory condition by any means. Blogspot is 
  google-based so there are lots of ways to become a follower.

* You must like lili's wedding corner on Facebook.

* You must like Rosemary's Facebook page - and leave a 
   comment saying you came from here.

Now the reward for all the liking and following and commenting.

Say that you did all of the above in separate comments, and each one will count as an entry. If you have already done the things required in previous weeks simply say so. Those will be considered valid entries too.

Ways to earn additional entries:

* Blog about this giveaway - and post the link in a comment.

* Post about it on Facebook - and post the link in a comment.

All told you could have 6 chances at winning this portrait from Rosemary.

The contest ends on Thursday, October 7th at 1900 EST - and the winner will be announced here and on Facebook on Friday, October 8th.

Good luck!


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  4. like Rosemary's Facebook page - and leave a
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