Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Gold(en) Touch

Marni Gold is a woman of many many talents.

By day she makes gorgeous card boxes - and in the afternoons and evenings she teaches voice and piano.

She also sings at weddings.

During a phone interview earlier this week I asked how the card box business got its start - and the answer came as no surprise.

"Two years ago I wanted a card box which matched my wedding decor - but everything out there was either not my style or it was overpriced. So I made my own. To give credit where it's due, my wedding planner really spurred me on; telling me that I had a gift for this and that I should pursue it. And so Creative Custom Card Boxes was born."

It's a family affair now (Marni's husband and mother both lend a hand) - with occasional outside help from a fine artist. Clients send in fabric swatches or photos, and the team works to create the box of their dreams.

"It's a lot easier to match paint than fabric, and it helps us make sure that each box is unique to the couple," Marni explains. "Each and every box is customized - and enables discreet and stylish gift-giving. And after the day is over they make wonderful keepsake boxes. People store their leftover place cards, menus, and favours inside. Not to mention all the cards they receive. I keep my garter in there too - alongside all the mementos from my special day."

Marni is also the marketing chair of Wish Upon A Wedding New Jersey - and as the launch parties for the various chapters come up across the country, she is donating a box to each chapter.

Here is the box for the Ohio Chapter.

Since the boxes are unique, each one will have a slightly different spirit - despite the fact the organization's signature colors will be used. The boxes will be used to collect donations at the various events.

There's something new and exciting on Marni's horizon, as well.

A spin-off!

Although the official launch will not take place till January 2011, the Indian Wedding Card Boxes website has gone live already - as has its Facebook page.

"These boxes will be bigger," Marni says, "because Indians have several pre-wedding traditions and considerably larger guest lists than your average American wedding. Consequently the boxes will be used on more than one occasion. We're looking at richer colors, colored crystals, and perhaps even the use of fabric. Our fine artist will work closely with the bride - and will even be able to paint her henna designs onto the box, if the bride wants something like that. There's so much we can do in that market, and we're really excited about it."

You can follow Marni on Facebook and on Twitter.


  1. Lili, I love this article and the pictures of Marni's work, great job. She is truly talented.

    Beth-Forever Friends

  2. Love them all! What a great interview...I love that you are reaching out to the wedding community Lili and getting great advice and vendors for brides. Congrats to Marni on making her own business out of something she loving doing for her own wedding!

    PS my husband and I put together a card box that was a decorated box from Michaels...we made a little Card name tag for it and put some ribbon on it...the guests loved it. And it was nice to see at the wedding, something we made together!

  3. Thank you, ladies. Glad you liked the post:)

  4. Thank you Lili for this wonderful interview! It was a pleasure speaking with you!



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