Wednesday, October 6, 2010

When in Rome ...

Talking to Letizia Grella made me feel homesick  in the most wonderful of ways.

Now as you may or may not know, I live in Connecticut but hail originally from the island of Malta.

In geographical terms that put me a stone's throw away from Italy, growing up. 

So not only did I get to flex my Italian with Letizia (although I should say that her English is impeccable), but I also got to connect with someone I didn't know in a way that is quintessentially European.

It was a wonderful feeling -  and made me happy about blogging in more ways than I can articulate.

Some people are born with a gift - and today I'd like to share Letizia's with you.

I was ecstatic to learn in the course of our conversation that she'd spent a few of her formative years in Connecticut - before moving on to summer internships in an old-fashioned bakery in New York.

Which is where her passion for sugar art and decorating cakes was born.

And what a passion!

A passion you can see in each and every one of her creations.

In fact as I was preparing to write this post, the same thought kept running through my mind in an endless cycle. 

I really don't need to say very much - because the cakes speak for themselves.

But of course I can't do that - because the photos show you Letizia's creative side but don't necessarily give you insight into the woman herself.


So lets start with her motto:

Troppo belle per farle a fette ... troppo buone per non mangiarle!

Which translates loosely into:

Too beautiful to slice ... too good to pass up!

One look at her cakes and you know it's the truth!

Nothing can look this good and not taste exquisite - because each cake is clearly a labour of love.

It also helps you to appreciate the name of her bakery.


One of the nicest things about Letizia, though, is that she is more than willing to share her talent with others.

Her workshops are becoming increasingly popular - and attracting women (and men) from all over Italy.

This doesn't mean that she's resting on her laurels, however.

She continues to further her own education by taking classes in the United Kingdom and the United States. 

In fact, here are a few photos from a recent master class with Colette Peters in New York.

Another exciting project on Letizia's horizon is the publication of her first book by Gribaudo Editori.

A step-by-step guide to thirty cakes - to be released at the end of October 2010.

When the talk everntually turned back to wedding cakes, her advice to brides was straightforward.

Don't exaggerate.

There is no need to put all of the elements from your wedding into the cake. 

Picking one or two details and replicating them will make for a stunning cake.

So when in Rome ... be sure to drop in for a slice of cake.

If you're lucky she'll be working on something absolutely fabulous like these cake toppers!

Letizia can be reached through her website or through her Facebook page - and I really encourage you to check out the rest of her stunning work.

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