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Connecticut Tuesday: JCakes

The format for today's post will be slightly different.

Alas, following my encounter with the nefarious concrete patio, all attempts to get together with Hope Looney - in person and on the phone - fell flat.

So this week I am passing the baton on to her - and as you read about her journey and the way she does things, you might well decide that ordering a cake for your upcoming nuptials from JCakes is on the cards for you. 

I give you Hope ... in her own words.

I've been baking since I was four years old.

My grandmother was a fan of Julia Child, and baked French bread every Sunday morning. She trained me in the art of French cooking and pastry as a youngster. I also took classes in cake decorating in middle school and making cakes as a teenager.

After getting a degree in Business Administration and Spanish at Chapman University in Orange, Ca (and doing a lot of international travel), I attended Norwalk Community College and immersed myself in Baking and Pastry Arts classes.

It was a ball!

When my instructor told me I had the soul of a pastry chef, I knew I was doing the right thing.

Running a cake shop became a dream when I was still in college.

My room mate and I contemplated what types of jobs would fit out personalities, would make us happy, and not be boring.

We also discussed the fact that there were no quality  high-end cake shops where she grew up in Hermosa Beach, California. 

So we bridged those two ideas into the dream for a cake shop on the beach where we could work together and fill a need for a gourmet cake shop in an affluent community where lots of demand existed.

Charlie, my room mate, bought a Kitchen Aid mixer - and we started baking in our college apartment. We tried tons of recipes and tried to perfect out buttercream. We had lots of failed attempts but lots of laughs and fun. Now I realize that North Branford, CT is not on the Pacific Ocean - but there is still hope of one day expanding to the beach and working with my best friend.

JCakes has grown into a full scale bakery.

But my goal is still the same.

To bake cakes that taste as good as they look. 

I also take pride in building relationships with my customers. 

It is so rewarding to help them celebrate emotional events.

Knowing that I've contributed to their special day because I personalized their cakes means a lot to me.

When someone cries when I show them their cake, it means I've made their day a little bit more special.

I pride myself on providing a memorable cake experience.

Things should end on a high note, with a wedding cake that leaves a positive lasting impression with your guests.

You wedding cake will be talked about the next day - and for the next few years too!

This is because our most popular wedding cake is a super moist golden layer cake, filled with white chocolate mousse and fresh mixed berries.

It is frosted with our signature vanilla French buttercream. Our brides love this crowd pleaser because it is very light and appeals to a large group of people.

Our customers rave about the uniqueness of our product. The look and taste is what makes up stand apart. Every cake is made to order and decorated with fresh flowers.

People rave about the taste - and here are three reasons why:

CAKE - using only the finest ingredients JCakes begins with a freshly baked moist cake that is never frozen. Never dry or dense, its light and fluffy texture leaves you feeling satisfied without feeling too full.

FILLING - the cake is then filled with homemade fillings (nothing comes pre-made from a tub). All fruit fillings comprise fresh fruit (not the gelatinous pre-made stuff). From our most popular chocolate mousse and mixed berry fillings, to a non-traditional Oreo mousse, we can accommodate any taste bud.

FROSTING - finally frosted with your choice of flavored buttercream or rich chocolate ganache, our buttercream is a true French style merengue-based buttercream which is not overly sweet. It is extremely light and creamy using European-style butter. This means no shortening!

The newest trend is the cupcake tower in the place of a wedding cake.

There are several reasons why cupcakes may be more advantageous than a traditional wedding cake.

Ease of service - your caterer/facility does not have to cut and serve the cake. Your guests walk up at their leisure for their dessert whenever they are ready.

Variety - a cupcake tower can offer different flavours, and your guests can choose which kind they prefer.

Convenience - if people are too full for dessert, you can offer gift boxes to take their cupcakes home and enjoy later.

lili wanted to know if I had any advice for brides - and here it is.

Choose a cake that tastes good!

in the end, people will remember how the cake tasted more than how it looked.

Also, ask your venue or caterer to serve the cake at an appropriate time before everyone gets up to dance.

Many people miss out on the cake because they are having fun on the dance floor - which of course they should be. The cake-cutting ceremony can be done at the beginning of the night or inbetween courses. That will leave time to slice the cake in the back and have it ready after the dinner course.

Another option is to have the cake served buffet-style with ice cream, where people can come up and select their cake.

Here at JCakes we schedule tastings on Saturdays and Sundays.

9am till 12 Noon.

Appointments typically last half an hour.

We recommend planning and booking your wedding cake at least six months in advance in order to secure your date.

You can call Hope on 203.488.2800
She can also be reached through her website or her Facebook page.

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  1. Hello Lili
    You did this beautifully. I am so grateful that people take interest in my work and am willing to promote it. I'm grateful to our customers who continue to support us and refer us to their friends. Best Wishes and thanks to everyone for reading!



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