Monday, October 4, 2010

Cake Week ... Revisited

Due to an unfortunate encounter with a concrete patio last Tuesday night, cake week had to be cut short.

So lets try this again, shall we?

Since it would be silly to start mid-week, I think I'll move on to the next cake-related item I wanted to talk about.

Lots of money is spent on the wedding cake - and it is one of the things guests remember most.

In days gone by anything to do with the cake was considered the bride's responsibility.

She cut it up and served it. You'll remember that we spoke last week of guests rooting for crumbs at one point in history, and of guests being given a piece of cake to take home in another.

Over time that tradition has evolved.

One of the reasons for that is that the number of guests at wedding has grown considerably. This is turn necessitated larger cakes - which impacted the distribution process. Also, multi-tiered cakes (at least those of my parents' generation) sported a lot of hard icing (needed to support the cakes weight and all those pillars). 

Hard icing meant the cake was harder to cut - and so the groom's help was enlisted.

Nowadays, though, the groom is no longer perceived as just helping. 

The cake cutting ceremony has become the first joint task that the couple perform.

After the cake cutting ceremony, the couple proceed to feed one other from the first slice. 

Lovely piece of symbolism, n;est-ce pas?

The mutual commitment of bride and groom to provide for one another.

For myself, I love watching wedding cakes cut with swords.

So in my next life I'm marrying someone in the military.

Or someone with links to Thailand!

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