Monday, November 2, 2009

Meet lili


I am originally from the Mediterranean. From the island of Malta, to be precise. A tiny geographical dot (and at 9 x 17 miles this is quite literally the case) just 60 miles south of Sicily.

I have been in the United States over 7 years now, and have three children.

And a husband.

Can't forget him ... as he helps out with pesky design engineering issues and can occasionally be prevailed upon to do the polishing when I hammer silver.

I love to do custom work - so if you have any ideas floating around in your head that you want brought to fruition please feel free to contact me.

I've been contemplating starting a blog for a long time, and actually secured this spot quite some time ago. However, there were so many interesting things going on in my life in 2009, that I didn't have the time to sit and write.

I both anticipate and intend that 2010 will be a wonderful year in terms of where I take my bridal jewellery business - and would love to share that with all of you.

At the moment I am using an online mall as my centre of operations, and you can find that here.

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