Thursday, June 3, 2010

We have a winner

The $150 custom jewelry giveaway from the Budget a Wedding launch has been won by a very enterprising bride-to-be all the way on the West Coast.


She has a wedding blog all her own; a blog which I highly recommend because it is well laid out, and has some very good information on there for brides who are intent on taking care of as much as they can themselves to stay within their budget.

And she has some spectacular giveaways too.
It's always nice to see good karma!

Her blog can be found here -

I do hope you will follow her.

For myself, I am really excited that the wedding is just over two months away - because that means we can move to the drawing board immediately.

Again, congratulations!

As for my blog, stay tuned. The new giveaway for brides will be coming to a screen near you over the weekend.

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