Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Orchid & The Pearl

I put this together for a fundraiser, but as I was setting the freshwater pearl into the heart of the orchid (coated in polyresin for durability), it occurred to me that it would make a wonderful piece for an attendant.

Or a bride who prefers to think outside the box.

These orchids come in a variety of colors - from this glorious fushcia to yellow and orange, purple and cream, red, pink and white, orange and rust, brown ..

Each one of them is gorgeous.

Span sizes vary too.

You can get them as wide as 70mm - and they are as stunning as they are original.

Crystals and pearls are a lot of fun,
but there are lots of other avenues to explore.

This kind of jewelry not only gives something that was once a living thing immortality, but it will be worn long after the wedding has come and gone ... and add another splash of color to the world!


  1. This would make a beautiful bridesmaid gift as well for a bride with colors of pink in her wedding! :) Very beautiful.

  2. I just love the fact that something which was once alive is now preserved forever. Glad you like it:)

  3. I can't believe the creativity behind this! So gorgeous & unique...your jewelry is stunning!



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